Canape Menu

Canape Menu

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Canape Menu

We provide the best event catering in Vancouver. Whether you’re hosting a small cocktail party, a large scale birthday bash, or a ‘just because’ event, We will work to produce a menu that’s perfect for your special occasion.

If you’re looking for party catering that is ideal for guests who are mingling or networking, our canapes menu will be what you’re looking for.

Pricing starting at $65/person

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Canape Menu


Mushroom tart (5)
Goat cheese mousse

Avocado and toast (5)
Sourdough | sundried tomato jam | olives

Roasted beetroot (5) 
Smoked goat cheese | crispy potato sticks

Mushroom arancini (5)
Truffle aioli

Swiss chard roulade (5)
Toasted coconut and curry leaf | mint chutney


Beef tostada (6)
Kale & parmesan salad | pickled onions  

Duck rillette (6)
Cranberry jell | brioche

Lambchop (7)
Beetroot chutney | crispy curry leaf

Gochujang pork ribs (6)
kimchi mayo | fried garlic

Chicken liver pate (6)
Brioche | pistachio | caramelized onion


Brandade (7)
Cod | olive tapenade | potato

Cured salmon (7)
Wasabi aioli | pickled dill flower | tapioca cracker 

Albacore tuna (7)
Nori cracker | scallion curls | ponzu dressing

Baked oyster (7)
Spinach | parmesan breadcrumbs | parmesan foam

Lobster arancini (7)
saffron aioli | crispy parsley

Raw oyster  (7)
Compressed apple and raddish | yuzu


Our listed prices do not include service staff and rentals.

The prices listed are for chefs for 3 hours, food and cleanup (1-hour set up and 2 hours of service and clean up) any extra hours will be charged $50/hour for each chef and it does not include taxes and gratuity.

Staff hours are estimated based on event details & timeline. Final hours may vary and will be adjusted on the final bill based on actual hours worked.

If you require a server, it will be $200 for 3 hours and an additional $50/hour for any additional time required.

We work closely with rental companies and we would be happy to accommodate rentals for your event at additional cost.