Private Dinning

Private Dinning

Indian Inspired Menu

From the streets of India

Charcoal vada ( Mumbai)
Spice potato fried in crarcoal chickpea batter

Mirchi bada with dahi kadi (Rajasthan) 
Crispy shishito peppers in yogurt Tumeric based sauce

Onion Utpaam (South India) 
Fermented rice pancake served with sambar foam and coconut chutney

From the coast of India

Goan fish curry(Goa) 
Sablefish cooked with coconut milk, curry leaf, mustard seeds and red chilli served with rice flatbread

Crab ghee roast (Mangalore) 
Crabmeat cooked in ghee, curry leaf and house masala served with neer dosa

Malvani fish fry
Shallow fried Rainbow trout in semolina flour and malvani masala.

Lucknow special kebab

Goat galouti kebab
Minced goat pattie cooked in ghee, mint chutney

Veg tunde kebab
Red kidney beans cooked in ghee mint chutney

Chefs favorites

Kombadi vade
Chicken cooked in caramelized onion and coconut, traditional bread made from rice and lentil flour

Goat kheema pav 
Minced goat cooked with whole garam masala, served with pav bun  and egg yolk

Malvani Eggplant
Coconut peanut curry, puri (whole wheat deep-fried bread) 

From the Himalayas

Goat shank Rogan josh
Goat shank cooked in red Kashmiri chilli paste and yogurt served with taftan bread.

Gucchi (Morel) mushroom pulao(V)
Rice cooked with morel mushrooms and aromatic spices, served with cumin yogurt.

Dum aloo (V)
Baby potatoes cooked in fennel, mustard, red chilli powder and yogurt. 

Something sweet 

Hung yogurt, saffron, compressed pineapple

Homemade kulfi rabdi
Indian ice cream, rose syrup, milk solid, nuts  

Seasonal menu

Spoonful of comfort

Butternut squash soup
Toasted sunflower seeds, whipped vanilla  creme fraiche

Carrot ginger soup
Pumpernickel crumbs, pickled carrots, dill

Chicken manchow soup
Handmade dumpling, mirepoix vegetable, cilantro

Dungeness crab and lemongrass soup
Crabmeat, fennel salad

All about salad

Beetroot and quinoa
Roasted beetroot, cucumber, goat cheese, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Beluga lentils salad
Radicchio, orange segments, feta cheese, herbs

Handmade pasta

BC Wild mushroom tortellini
Crispy sage, toasted pinenuts

Tomatoes, basil pesto espuma, crispy basil

Sablefish and leek ravioli
Butter nage, green peas

From the sea into the fire

Seared scallops
Potato pave, roasted cauliflower, green pea butter sauce

Roasted sablefish
Coconut curry, cherry tomatoes, burned shallots, fermented rice pancake

Seared salmon
Potato gnocchi, charred brocollini, dill vin blanc

From the pastures

Free-range chicken
Confit potato, broccolini, marsala jus

Braised short ribs
Celeriac, mirepoix veg, nugget potatoes, ancho chilli jus

14days aged duck breast
Beetroot, burned shallots, potato, blackberry jus

Grass-fed ribeye
Seared fingerling, seasonal veg, chimichurri  

Something sweet 

Deconstructed lemon cheesecake
Gram crumbs, berry compote

Coffee Creme Brulee
Fresh berries  

Email Chef Tushar with all your requirements and based on that, he will set a price for your dinner!

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